Our Story

Measc was established by Fox Design Thinking Limited in 2020 to offer the highest possible grade of face masks available, at the lowest possible cost. 

We believe in safety first, and produce every mask with medical grade materials. Others have chosen to supply barrier masks and face coverings that are compliant but uncertified with CE standards.

Measc provides 99.87%+ bacterial filtration efficacy CE certified CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICES.

Since the onset of COVID19, stories of price-gouging, low quality masks have been a constant in the Irish market and elsewhere. At a time when Ireland needs as many high-quality face coverings as possible, we believe that domestic producers should take a leadership role in offering the highest possible protection at a fair price. 

Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do. We are fortunate to have assembled a proven team with over 3 decades of Irish manufacturing experience, and entrepreneurial excellence. Our talented production team has a long track record of manufacturing PPE for domestic and international customers in private and public domains; and will continue to innovate new ways of delivering protection for the community long into the future. 

As for today, within our brand new state-of-the-art production and fulfilment environments, we are busy ramping up capacity to deliver as many face mask models as possible.

We genuinely appreciate the support of all who have made our ambitions a reality.